LGS Branding

The brand behind the people

Advise, think, and analyze to allow to evolve hundreds of clients; that is our raison d’être. A company always in movement, we are LGS, a Canadian leader in business and IT consulting services. Behind each of our mandates lies an individual, an employee, an intelligence which breathes a vision of being open to possibilities, take thousands of different paths to arrive to better solutions. With LGS, all solutions are possible, it is our thinking process.

In 2014, after 35 years, time had come to renew our brand for it to better represent the identity of our enterprise and for it to become the reflection of our employees and partners in the eyes of our clients.

We broke the code

Our new identity is inspired from our origins: binary programming. In fact, our new logo is entirely programmed.

13This logo defines itself by inscribing a name, an expertise, an industry and a client. A computer process then transforms it in a line of bits which is visually transposed onto the logo. The lines are our DNA while the colors represent our real time evolution. A logo with a billion possibilities where, from now on, each person working for LGS is at the heart of the brand.

We took nothing lightly, as is our modus operandi since our very birth. It is our new face, our figurehead, it had to properly represent us. Our identity will therefore be in constant evolution, like our enterprise, and that is great because we know the best is yet to come.