Microsoft Partnership

Leveraging the combination of Microsoft technologies and LGS expertise


LGS has been a member of the Microsoft Partnership Program since 1995. Based on successful client projects and on its large pool of certified employees, each year, LGS renews this partnership agreement and keeps itself abreast of changes in Microsoft products and technologies. With over 20 years of experience in project implementation using Microsoft technologies and its 300 experts working tirelessly on mandates related to Microsoft technologies, LGS is one of the largest Microsoft Expertise Centres in Canada. These projects include application development, consulting services, solution architecture, technology architecture, infrastructure deployment, system integration, and IT support, to mention a few. This full spectrum of services meets the requirements that LGS’s public and private customers have, in order to optimize, modernize and evolve their Microsoft infrastructure, equipment and software. LGS has a Microsoft Premier contract for support, the highest support service at Microsoft. This agreement gives LGS resources access to professional services and advanced technical expertise from Microsoft support to help in the optimization of project delivery. It also allows LGS to have support for customized and proactive technical services and rapid answers to technical issues on all Microsoft products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Start: Microsoft Partnership since 1995
  • Current Partnership: Microsoft Partner Network
  • Experience in Microsoft  projects : over 20 years
  • Gold Certification on Data Center Expertise
  • Dynamics CRM  Certification: in progress
  • Sectors: Private and Public Sectors
  • Geographical: worldwide
  • Recognition: Octas Prize

Benefits for LGS customers

  • Enjoy the benefits of the LGS privileged support from Microsoft.
  • Conduct business with a vendor who is up to date on the evolution of all Microsoft technologies.
  • Capitalize on over 20 years of experience in Microsoft large projects.
  • Take advantage of LGS Microsoft Expertise Center near-shore development services.
  • Take advantage of the fact that LGS experts  have close relationships with Microsoft
  • Benefit from LGS’ privileged and exclusive access to human, technical and commercial Microsoft resources
  • Get local service on a global technology

Example of successful projects

  • Architecture of an infrastructure and virtualization solution for shared services in public-sector.
  • Public portal development for a municipal and regional scope, including a compensation management system.
  • Implementation of a support solution to the operations of a provincial governmental organisation.
  • Modernization and integration of a business solution through the development of an integrated platform giving access to thousands of client files.
  • Modernization and integration services for a provincial registration web-based system.
  • Renewal and integration services for a pension management