Why LGS?

LGS is a leader in its industry and has earned a privileged position in the Canadian market for business and IT consulting for the following reasons:

Experience of over 3 decades

  • Over 35 years of experience in IT professional services.
  • LGS experience answers needs of all private sector enterprises and RFP from the public sector.
  • CIC Montreal represents an unparalleled resource of great value for our clients from the private and public sectors.
  • LGS experience and ability to deliver large and complex projects.
  • Completing with success a wide range of mandates in the private and public sectors has deepened LGS professional and technical knowledge of the business.

Leader expertise

  • Very large number of permanent consultants.
  • Several consultants have over 20 years of experience in their field of expertise.
  • CIC Montreal represents an unparalleled resource of great value for our clients from the private and public sectors.
  • LGS is one of the largest Microsoft Expertise Centres in Canada.
  • As LGS activities are mainly focusing on productivity improvement for its clients. LGS resources are always on the cutting edge of the technologies and aware of the latest research in management.

Full range of services

  • LGS offers a full range of services covering all phases of an entire project life cycle: from the diagnostic phase to development, testing, implementation, operation and evolution.
  • Ability to offer services ranging from assigning on-demand resources to be integrated with client staff to managing large-scale projects.
  • Through the variety of our services, breadth and depth, many customers remain with us for long periods or continue to request our advices, as they are trusting that our work contributes to improve their business.
  • Our service offering is constantly evolving: our clients give us continuously new challenges and always trust us by requesting a higher level of performance and innovation.
  • CIC Montreal offers high quality application development and support services at competitive prices to its Canadian customers.

A strong organization

  • Our company has an excellent business reputation and a solid financial base.
  • Our clients originate from the largest private and public organizations in Canada.
  • LGS is committed to sustainable development, social responsibility and to the development of a smarter planet.
  • We have a dedicated recruitment team. The process of research, selection, recruitment and training of candidates to satisfy our customer needs is quick and efficient.

High quality consultants

  • Our consultants have access to the IBM deep intellectual capital, which allows them to have the best practices, methods and standards for the realization of their client mandates.
  • Our consultants follow annual training about the rules of conduct in business.
  • LGS gets feedback from the customer and the account representative on the performance of consultants in their mandates and transmit them to the resources to help them in their evolution and keep a good relationship with the client.
  • Our consultants follow a training program based on their career path.
  • Our employees are bilingual.

The power of IBM intellectual and technological capital

  • As an IBM company, LGS has an exceptional access to cutting-edge technologies.
  • Within IBM, we also have access to the largest pool of experts and specialists around the world: a global intellectual capital.
  • IBM invests more than US $ 6 billion per year, in research and development and gets, each year, a large number of patents.
  • IBM is at the forefront of several future sectors known as CAMSS  (Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, Security). LGS benefits from the investment and research in these areas.
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