IT Security Services

Protect your IT investments


Since the rise of the Internet and the near-universal connectivity, IT professionals face daily security issues. It is a constant battle between those who must ensure the security of their IT infrastructure and those who try to circumvent it. Drawing on the global resources of IBM in terms of safety and its expertise, LGS provides its customers with services that enable them to increase their level of IT security while adapting it as technological innovations continues to progress.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Reduced risk of security breaches: this is the essence of our services which are designed to support clients throughout their IT security aspects, from the preliminary analysis to the establishment and monitoring of the security elements.
  • Expertise and experience:LGS’ customer stake advantage of all learnings and practice skills arising from thousands of interventions LGS and IBM have conducted for their customers around the world in strengthening their IT security.
  • Cost reduction: you just have to think of the regular security breaches in the news and the millions of dollars lost, to understand how to invest upstream in the company’s computer security to ensure reduction in its financial costs, reputational costs and negative impacts to its long-term branding.

Frequently requested deliverables :

  • Business impact analysis
  • Implementation of an IT system security policy
  • IT infrastructure security
  • IT security best practices
  • IT security implementation
  • Security assessment and audit
  • Security compliance management