Aerospace & Defence

Manage and optimize within extreme constraints


Aerospace and defence is subject to very high requirements in terms of technological precision, operational internationalization, sectoral competitiveness and respect of a large number of norms and regulations. Thanks to its special relationship with IBM and numerous experiences with Canada’s largest companies in this industry, LGS helps companies achieve the challenges they face such as:

  • Balancing the investment needs and ongoing cost control
  • Optimizing operational efficiency of their organizations in a context of international fragmentation
  • Making strategic decisions whose implications are critical to their survival in the future
  • Integrating multilingual and multicultural aspects in the management of their employees
  • Combining the long-term aspects of R&D spending and short-term financial constraints
  • Ensuring that the use of IT resources can maximize the efficiency of their operations
  • Managing a constantly changing environment and the consequences towards their employees
  • Using the information systems and processes to create an organizational uniformity and integration for everyone

Why does the aerospace and defence industry give mandates to LGS?

  • The breadth and depth of LGS’ expertise in IT and strategic consulting make it one of the few companies in its category to be able to meet the extreme requirements of the players in this sector.
  • Proximity to IBM provides access to technology and the unique intellectual capital in the world.
  • We are fortunate to have consultants and experts whose experience in this industry amounts to many years.
  • By working for so long with leading companies in the industry, the reputation that LGS was able to build is an important asset.
  • LGS’ leading edge in corporate architecture and systems are recognized and are highly valued by companies in this industry.