Banking, Insurance, Finance

Optimize operations and introduce new technologies.


The Canadian financial sector is recognized worldwide for its strength and its good governance practices. LGS works with these institutions at all levels of its offer. Forced by fierce competition, very low interest rates, sluggish economic growth and the emergence of technologies to consistently provide additional services to their clients, the Canadian banking, insurance and financial services industries must continually address and exceed the following issues:

  • Administering a huge daily volume of transactions of different nature
  • Ensuring very high levels of security given the personal and financial aspects of their activities
  • Optimizing all of their operations to offset the very thin profit margins of each transaction
  • Working in an environment where mistakes are expensive, poorly perceived and potentially harmful to the institution’s brand image
  • Being on the cutting edge of what is possible in terms of web and mobile applications
  • Introducing and deploy new large scale applications while maintaining the required safety levels
  • Ensuring that their centralized computer systems can be utilized as productivity and marketing tools, not just data
  • Training employees on new technologies and reorganize their activities accordingly

Why is LGS a partner of choice for banks, insurance and financial service providers?

  • We have an excellent command of complex IT projects.
  • LGS’ knowledge in application development (web and mobile) and introduction of new technologies is valued by these institutions.
  • We possess many years of experience in helping banks and insurance companies reengineer their processes and optimize their workforce.
  • Our on-demand resources that will work for our financial clients are versatile and professional.
  • Our services in IT outsourcing, support, maintenance, evolution, migration and optimization are great ways to ensure optimization of their IT assets.
  • Our experts in work reorganization are widely used by institutions in this sector because of the savings they are able to generate.