Communications & Multimedia

Achieving convergence through IT technologies


The term “convergence” has characterized this sector for now several years. Communications and multimedia companies are facing enormous opportunities and challenges due to the increasing integration of a multitude of personal and business technologies which are all offering multiple possibilities. These companies work with LGS to solve problems or take advantage of the positive consequences of these convergences. They face challenges such as:

  • Incorporating mobile technologies into their service offering and distribution of their content
  • Balancing the investments required in new technologies and control of short-term costs
  • Developing a better understanding of their customers’ needs through customer data analysis that new technologies can gather and interpret with powerful analytical solutions
  • Ensuring integration of customer data across multiple platforms of different nature
  • Managing optimization of customer experience and financial income through possibilities offered by web and mobile technologies
  • Managing organizational and cultural changes involved during integration of new technologies

Why do the communications and multimedia industries search for LGS expertise?

  • LGS has access to cutting-edge technologies from IBM in analytic and business intelligence.
  • Building on its expertise in systems integration, LGS is the right partner to optimize the convergence of various technologies.
  • The skills of LGS in mobile technologies, applications development and development of transactional portals give it competitive advantages sought by these companies.
  • LGS also has understanding and experience to help customers in communications and multimedia to manage organizational change on an ongoing basis.
  • Past experiences with major players in this sector allows us to be very fast and accurately understand the needs of communication and multimedia companies.