Consumer Products

Grow in very competitive markets through better alignment with consumer needs


The highly competitive consumer product industry offers diverse kinds of products to consumers and, to a lesser extent, businesses. Low margins, many substitute products, very demanding customers, sprawling sales channels and constant pricing pressure are all characteristics of this industry with which businesses must juggle but they also result in many challenges :

  • Developing a deep understanding of consumer purchasing behaviors through sophisticated analytics
  • Using business intelligence solutions to predict future market trends
  • Optimizing their operations and commercial activities to reduce fixed and variable costs
  • Improving their IT systems with productivity tools and business intelligence capabilities
  • Mobilizing and increasing the productivity of their employees on the ground by using the best practices of work organization
  • Capturing the benefits of providing purchasing experience through the web or by mobile
  • Effectively integrating various technologies throughout the customer buying process
  • Reducing costs by outsourcing their business and IT infrastructure

Why have the consumer products vendors been relying on LGS for so many years?

  • LGS’ abilities in enterprise application services make it the right partner to deploy a new ERP or CRM or optimize an existing one.
  • LGS has already helped companies, in this sector, to improve their understanding of their customers’ purchasing behavior through the use of powerful and customized analytical services.
  • LGS experts, who built their knowledge through concrete experiences in the consumer products sector, are highly valued by these companies.
  • LGS’ solid skills in systems integration are recognized by these companies.
  • Firms in this sector are well aware of LGS’ renowned capabilities in work organization and business architecture services and that these services can increase their productivity.
  • IBM’s worldwide experience in consumer products sectors favors the possibility of obtaining the best practices and the best technologies for the industry.