Electronic & IT

Get the best expertise


Facing global competition and rapid technological developments, the electronics & IT companies call for LGS to help them carry out projects for which they lack resources or expertise. As a Canadian IT leader, LGS helps them achieve their goals and meet their challenges which are:

  • Obtaining the right resources in terms of expertise, budget and time to carry out their mandates of development or consultation
  • Following the rapid changes of a number of technologies in order not to lose their skills
  • Delegating certain activities where they are less comfortable to a trusted provider
  • Deploying and integrate their technology into larger and more complex customer systems
  • Getting advice in architecture and IT infrastructure when complexity is high
  • Implementing work methods and processes enabling them to better follow industry practices and increase the professionalism in their services

Why do companies in the electronic and IT industries employ LGS?

  • LGS is renowned in its field as a leader in the industry where the depth of its expertise and experience is significant.
  • Because of its size, LGS has a large number of experts and consultants who can be used as staff augmentation.
  • LGS’ competences in system integration are appreciated by its industry peers.
  • Knowing that LGS is part of IBM, the IT and electronic companies understand that they are working with an organization with technological capabilities and guidance that are very strong.
  • The LGS reputation for delivering on time budgets reduces potential risks of exceeding time and cost.