Increase your competitiveness through technology and informed decisions


The industrial sector is characterized by a large number of companies working in various fields. However, some common traits are identifiable as the relative importance of production, high capital investment, globalized competitive environments and margins influenced by global demand for their products. LGS helps industrial companies meet their challenges which are:

  • Continuously optimizing their operations to remove all possible inefficiencies
  • Using IT systems to better integrate and control their industrial activities
  • Getting high quality strategic advice to support their decisions or realize new possibilities in the management of their businesses
  • Selecting, customizing and deploying new web and mobile technologies
  • Forecasting, through predictive analytics, upcoming market trends and possible changes in prices
  • Improving productivity by the refinement of the employees’ work organization
  • Capturing the benefits of cloud-based IT systems
  • Integrating all of their premises, which are often scattered across the world, through business applications that meet their needs

Why do the industrial enterprises give mandates to LGS?

  • The industrial sector knows LGS’ extended experience in IT services and business advice for complex and large size organizations.
  • With IBM’s vast experience in interventions for worldwide industrial companies, LGS has unsurpassed skills in this sector.
  • The capabilities and expertise of LGS’ services associated with enterprise applications (CRM, ERP) make it one of the few Canadian suppliers able to serve its customers from A to Z in these projects.
  • LGS offers analytical and business intelligence solutions that are measured with the challenges of this sector.
  • LGS experts are knowledgeable about the industry and their experiences are much appreciated by companies that compose it.