Managing growth while balancing the short and long term


Characterized by very large globalized companies as well as more specialized and regional players, the pharmaceutical industry is facing increasing demand due to aging population, important R&D costs and very strict regulations in each country where they produce or market their products. Their challenges can be summarized as:

  • Managing growth while combining short-term stresses and long-term prospects
  • Countering the negative aspects due to international fragmentation of their operations and the gigantic acquisitions that are common in this sector
  • Taking advantage of the benefits of globally integrated information systems
  • Getting support and expertise for complex project management
  • Ensuring good governance practices and risk reduction associated with different national regulations
  • Ensuring high level of quality in the production of their products
  • Using predictive analytic applications for anticipating consumer demands
  • Streamlining costs by outsourcing their IT infrastructure

Why do pharmaceutical companies regularly work with LGS?

  • With 30 years of consulting experience with very large companies, LGS can significantly help pharmaceutical companies optimize their global operations.
  • IBM’s business intelligence solutions combined with LGS’s analytical services assist the pharmaceutical industry in the customer data analysis.
  • These companies know LGS’ expertise and reputation in custom application development and integration of complex IT systems.
  • LGS’ capabilities in outsourcing IT activities allow pharmaceutical companies to reduce costs.
  • LGS experts in business consulting provide the opportunity to improve their processes and refine the management of their business and operations.