Retail & Distribution

Optimize to better understand consumers


Subject to fierce competition and thin profit margins, the retail and distribution sectors are experiencing a difficult period during which the optimization of their operations, their supply chains and their commercialization activities are critical. LGS is helping these companies by offering its expertise, services and technology to meet the challenges they face such as :

  • Using the most accurate information systems to monitor and manage all of their inventories and better understand the relative demands of each product or service
  • Optimizing the activities of their employees through tight work organization
  • Deploying and integrate technologies that deliver productivity gains in points of sales
  • Relying on business intelligence solutions to analyze vast amounts of customer data and thus better understand their buying behaviours
  • Using predictive analysis tools to better forecast the upcoming changes in consumer demand
  • Using mobile applications to generate purchases and increase revenue.

Why does LGS frequently work with companies operating in the detail and distribution industries?

  • LGS has particular expertise in the development of predictive analytical tools for this sector.
  • The IBM business intelligence solutions are the most powerful in the world and are prized by big players in retail sales and distribution.
  • LGS also has 30 years of experience in optimizing customer operations through information technology, a highly sought quality in this sector.
  • LGS’ application development expertise serves well the opportunities that mobile applications provide to retail
  • LGS’s system integration capabilities are popular when comes time to introduce new electronic commercialization technology and/or mobile points of sales.