Optimize processes and productivity through IT systems and mobile technologies


The local, regional and global transportation industries are subject to high oil costs, important regulations and aggressive competition, both locally and internationally. The companies’ assets such as route optimization, human resources, transport facilities, equipment, become the key aspects to reducing costs and increasing overall productivity. LGS has a long tradition of helping the businesses in the transportation sector so they can meet their challenges which are:

  • Optimizing all assets and business processes
  • Reducing costs associated with the outsourcing of information systems
  • Using these information systems to maximize operational efficiencies
  • Introducing new mobile technologies for effective internal communications and to improve employee productivity
  • Extending the functionality of their integrated business system to smart phones and tablets
  • Using analytical tools to forecast volumes, demand and best routes
  • Grabbing the benefits that cloud systems provide
  • Optimizing business processes by improving business architectures and work organizations

Why does the transportation industry look for LGS expertise?

  • LGS’ analytical services and IBM’s business intelligence solutions are able to help transportation companies to better understand the factors influencing the demand for their services.
  • Over the last decades, LGS has gathered extensive experience in servicing carriers and its experts fully understand the dynamics of this industry.
  • LGS’ IT outsourcing services are ideal to help reduce IT costs for companies in this sector.
  • LGS experts in architecture and work organization help these companies increase the productivity of their internal processes.
  • LGS’ cutting edge services in mobile and cloud computing offer technology solutions that allow players of the transportation sector to achieve their optimization goals.
  • LGS’ solid knowledge in enterprise application (CRM, ERP) are also highly regarded by players in the transportation sector.