Take advantage of IT to improve education

Whether it is for government departments, universities, colleges, schools, school boards, LGS has been assisting institutions in the education sector in their operations management and their information technologies from a number of years. The arrival of customized technology increasingly allows classes to become more connected and introduce new technologies to the educational level for students of all ages. Notwithstanding these opportunities, IT remains complex and costly for the education sector whose budgets are always constrained, generating challenges such as :

  • Using IT in the administration of institutions to improve the quality and timeliness of student services
  • Developing the concept of connected school to engage students and prepare them for the job market
  • Using the best integrated management applications for the administration of student records, capital and material resources
  • Using IT to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and take advantage of shared services between institutions
  • Ensuring quality Internet connections for institutions in remote areas
  • Balancing the growth of users and IT infrastructures with lower budgets
  • Selecting and managing the educational technologies found in classes and seize opportunities for remote education

Why the sector of education entrusts LGS with mandates?

  • LGS has a reputation of delivering projects on time and within budget, two particularly important factors in the eyes of the education sector.
  • Education institutions know that LGS is committed in choosing technologies that are best aligned with the customer’s needs. This is particularly appreciated in terms of enterprise applications (ERP, CRM).
  • LGS provides consulting services in work organization and change management that are popular within educational institutions seeking to improve their processes.
  • For school boards and ministries, LGS’s expertise in application development using Microsoft technologies and systems integration are significant assets that meet their needs for pooling IT infrastructures and custom applications.