Improve user services while controlling costs


For governments, the areas of IT services and management consulting are essential because of the challenges they offer and the possible efficiency gains as a result of technology and management expertise. Governments must adapt to underlying trends and impressive constraints, however, when properly managed, they provide improved services to citizens while controlling costs. Here are some recurring themes associated with a government’s environment:

  • Increase demand for services offered through the Internet
  • High transaction volumes
  • Extreme quantities of data
  • Very high security needs
  • Transparency requirements
  • Balance sought between cost reduction and level of services offered to the population
  • Increasing mobile needs
  • Universal access to most of the services
  • Need for service improvement for both citizens and businesses
  • Large number of web-based transactions characterized by the necessity to manage sensitive information
  • Significant costs and legal implications due to possible errors
  • Permanent search for operational and organizational efficiencies

Why do governments regularly work with LGS?

  • LGS has extensive experience in IT projects and management consulting with the federal and provincial governments.
  • We have built a very solid reputation and references base.
  • The scope of our expertise in Microsoft technologies and our large number of experts (over 300) in the domain allow us to be one of the largest and most prolific Microsoft centres of expertise in Canada.
  • We also use our deep understanding of the opportunities and constraints faced by Canadian governments in information technology and organizational processes.
  • LGS mastered the art of achieving productivity gains while reducing operational costs in government contexts.
  • Our recognized strength in system integration and complex projects are of significant value to the federal and provincial governments.
  • LGS beneficiates from the organizational strength and level of technological capabilities of IBM Canada.