Ensuring excellence of health services in an era of budget constraints


Often appearing as one of the most significant budgetary government expenses, the health sector is characterized by a large number of different sized organizations with responsibilities and areas of distinct skills which are distributed over the entire Canadian territory. Currently, these organizations experience “a perfect storm” that combines aging population, the rise of increasing sophisticated and expensive medical technology and drastic reductions in their budgets. This creates significant challenges including :

  • Ensuring the best health services possible under constrained budgets and shrinking resources
  • Achieving economies of scale through greater adoption of pooled technologies and standardized systems
  • Maintaining  human services in changing and difficult organizational contexts
  • Balancing out the rising costs of medical technologies with shrinking budgets
  • Reorganizing work processes to compensate for reductions in personnel
  • Providing training and change management for employees of the health sector in response to organizational and technological transformations

Why is LGS the partner of choice for organizations in the health sector?

  • For over 30 years, LGS has built an extensive expertise through practical and applied interventions in ministries, hospitals, institutes, health centers and social service agencies, local community service centers, shelters, long-term care, etc.
  • These organizations have benefited from the skills of LGS and allowed LGS to build its reputation in the health sector.
  • LGS experts in business consulting (architecture, work organization, change management and project management) have skills that greatly assist those organizations in optimizing their processes and practices.
  • LGS’s deep knowledge of IT is beneficial when comes time to develop and implement integrated IT systems that enable practitioners to have access to patient records in a context of wide variety of health care, history of care, through a large geographically health system.
  • LGS has access to IBM solutions in the health sector which are already established and functional in similar environments.