Evolving towards smarter cities


Over 80% of Canada’s population lives in cities and their administrations perceive the many benefits of using information technologies in the management of their infrastructure and the improvement of the services they provide to their citizens. As individuals become more and more connected, it is now easier to reach them and offer a variety of services; improving the quality of daily life in urban environments by becoming a smart city. However, even though several technologies exist or are being created at a breathtaking pace, cities face significant challenges, such as :

  • Choosing the best technologies to achieve their goals and ensure the changes required for the future
  • Selecting suppliers capable of becoming long-term technological and strategic partners
  • Balancing the development of the smart city model on one hand with cost and budget constraints on the other hand
  • Providing quality services to their citizens whose social-economic and cultural characteristics are very heterogeneous
  • Integrating effectively various technologies
  • Be able to deploy connectivity and mobility in remote or hard to reach areas
  • Achieving greater efficiency between public services and the beneficiaries of these services
  • Ensuring the development and learning required for employees when introducing new technologies

Why are municipalities relying on LGS to achieve their goal in becoming smart cities?

  • LGS is part of IBM, the world leader in the field of smart cities.
  • LGS expertise in information technology in the public sectors allows LGS to be at the forefront of concrete and applicable visions regarding smart cities concepts.
  • LGS’s solid knowledge in IT consulting services and change management make it a reliable supplier in helping manage the implementation of smart city-level operations and municipal administrations.
  • LGS’s capabilities and experience in systems integration make it a first choice supplier to successfully drive large scale projects.
  • LGS has privileged access to smart cities solutions already developed and implemented by IBM in other cities.