Public Organizations

Offer numerous services while minimizing costs


In Canada and in the provinces, numerous public organizations offer a large number of social and economic services to the population. These organizations vary in size, are related to different jurisdictions and affect many sectors of the Canadian society. LGS has been working with these organizations for over three decades by helping them continuously improve their processes and face their challenges such as :

  • Maintaining an excellent level of services to users
  • Controlling fixed and variable costs
  • Modernizing their legacy computer systems
  • Ensuring the security of private information, for users and for their own operations
  • Complying at all times with regulations
  • Striving for operational excellence, day after day, and for a very high number of transactions and interventions
  • Ensuring organizational flexibility and ability to adapt to ever-changing environments

Why do public organizations regularly work with LGS?

  • LGS has extensive experience with public organizations because of a large number of projects completed within the last 30 years.
  • LGS employs an abundance of experts with experience in operational and management work for public organizations.
  • LGS is also one of the few service companies to be very favorable for large fixed price projects.
  • Thanks to our experts, LGS has great capabilities in terms of development of custom software applications for complex and specific requirements.
  • Our consultants bring productivity improvements through operational, architectural, change management and quality services.
  • LGS services in modernization of legacy systems have already successfully supported the upgrading of several tens of thousands computers in public organizations.