State-Owned Corporations

Achieve social and economic goals through optimization


The Canadian and provincial state-owned corporations have the capability of working in very different fields such as energy, finance, postal services, the sale of alcohol, transportation, arts, media, etc. These different industries have specific characteristics and dynamics that require an excellent understanding of each one, which LGS has. However, challenges overlap and among these are :

  • Achieve annual financial targets in an uncertain economy
  • Offer products and services that meet the evolving needs of their customers
  • Use the Internet and mobile to increase the distribution reach of their products and services
  • Optimize operational activities to improve productivity
  • Use the latest analytical technologies to better understand their customers
  • Achieve the required service levels in relation to the population they serve
  • Increase the use of IT to improve the experience and commitment of their customers
  • Improve flexibility and efficiency through the use of appropriate technologies

Why do state-owned corporations employ LGS?

  • We have proven expertise in developing customized applications for the specific needs of state-owned corporations.
  • LGS has several achievements in transactional web technologies for citizen-oriented portals.
  • We provide IT infrastructure services proper to volume and safety requirements of state-owned corporations.
  • LGS experts have excellent knowledge of the processes and culture of these organizations.
  • Our on-demand resources are characterized by a high level of professionalism and skills that allow them to be significant contributors to the business optimization and process for state-owned corporations.
  • LGS’s consultants are recognized in improving overall productivity thanks to their understanding of architectural services and work organization.