Business Architecture

Increase your organization’s performance by optimizing each of its different parts


LGS’ consulting services in business architecture are designed to analyze and improve the key elements of the organization: governance, IT resources, organizational structure, staff, roles and responsibilities, processes, information, products and services, so that they all align to the chosen strategic vision and the established business plan. The accuracy and consistency are the hallmarks of these advisory services to ensure that all energies and corporate assets contribute to the performance of the company. LGS is recognized as a leader in business architecture services, based on the historical contribution of IBM in architecture and on several of its renowned national experts.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Increased productivity: optimization of all elements allows the organization to maximize the beneficial impact of efforts from each person and processes in place.
  • Increased profits and performance: when targetingthe adequate componentsof the organization withits strategic objectives, all the efforts and contributionswill growin the same direction,which ultimatelylead to theimprovement ofthe overallperformance anda reduction in
  • Positioning for the future: by aligning the organization to their strategic vision, our consulting services in business architecture are designed to transform all aspects of the company enabling them to seize future opportunities and benefit from being proactive instead of only responding reactively.

Frequently requested deliverables:

  • Application architecture
  • Business architecture
  • Business design
  • Business model
  • Business reporting
  • Data architecture
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Enterprise structure
  • Functional architecture
  • Information security architecture
  • Migration plan
  • Optimization
  • Proof of concept