Governance and Risk Management

Consolidate the continuity of your organization by reducing its exposure and refining your business processes.


LGS’ governance and risk management services are intended to provide customers expertise in order to better define and implement the objectives and processes that will help manage their organization and mitigate risks. These services concern business aspects as much as some related to information technologies. With years of experience in the field, LGS experts advise and support you in order to establish goals that will adapt as your organization evolves.

Benefits these
services provide :

  • Consolidation of your organization’s foundations: the establishment of best practices in governance and risk management solidify the foundations of businesses and organizations in defining and implementing pro-active solutions and mechanisms that are used to ensure the continuity of business.
  • Cost reduction: thanks to these consulting services, you reduce visible and invisible costs which are caused by non-optimal governance processes and inefficient or nonexistent risk management.
  • Improvement of the sustainability of your ecosystem: when managing governance and risk, you improve the continuity of your business or your services to the community which ultimately promotes the daily and future of your customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, partners and citizens of your ecosystem.

Frequently requested deliverables:

  • Business continuity strategy
  • Business governance
  • Corporate governance
  • Governance, regulation and risk management
  • Guidelines for intellectual property protection
  • Information asset security
  • Information security
  • Personal data protection
  • Project security
  • Security guidelines
  • Security management system implementation