Change Management

Improve your chances of success by proactively managing change in your organization


Organizations are profoundly human and their success largely depends on the mobilization of their employees and managers. Managing change ensures that decisions made are successfully implemented through preparation, involvement and mobilization of everyone within the organization. LGS’ experts have thousands of hours of experience in this particular area. They accompany our customers throughout the lifecycle of a change, from the initial change strategy, to definition, to development to deployment up to monitoring the achievement of business benefits.

Benefits these services provide:

  • Increased probability of success: by managing change, the organization increases the commitment of its employees who are informed and involved in the transformations occurring as the organization evolves.
  • Cost and risk reduction: without change management, there is a greater risk of having to react to internal, cultural, operational or administrative obstacles while delaying the positive impact of the required changes. When dealing proactively with change, we reduce the costs and risks that would have otherwise been incurred.
  • Increased employee satisfaction : nobody likes to be put on the spot. By involving the employees in an upcoming change, right from the start, we ensure their commitment and cooperation, while showing them the esteem that the organization has for them while taking advantage of the ideas they can bring to the table.

Frequently requested deliverables:

  • Business transformation support
  • Change coaching
  • Change management analysis
  • Change management consulting
  • Change management plan
  • Communication management and implementation
  • Communication plan
  • Definition of guidelines and strategies
  • FAQ authoring
  • Implementation plan
  • Knowledge management and training
  • Management support
  • Organizational impacts analysis
  • Pilot management for users
  • Training management and delivery
  • Training plan