Management of Work Organization

Improve the efficiency of your organization through optimization focused on people and processes


From reflecting to processing, through the methodology, training and mobilization, our work organization management services are designed to analyze and optimize processes very precisely in order to improve the overall productivity of a department, a division or a whole organization. The LGS consultants can adapt the Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma methods to the right customer business contexts. Work organization interventions usually involve the following steps:

  1. Diagnosis and documentation of the initial situation
  2. Interactive workshops in collaboration with users
  3. Gap analysis with business needs
  4. Improvement propositions to work processes to fill the identified gaps
  5. Implementation of improvements and mobilization of the employees concerned

Benefits these
services provide :

  • Improved productivity: by optimizing each process or each task, employees see their productivity improve while eliminating unnecessary activities
  • Employee satisfaction: by involving employees in the revision and optimization of their activities, their satisfaction increases
  • Cost reduction: improving productivity allows to do more with the same resources, thereby decreasing total cost of the organization
  • Improved services: thanks to the optimization of the work organization, service delivery is improved as each process is optimized
  • Operational flexibility: when reorganizing the work in a better way, some resources can be reallocated to other tasks

Frequently requested deliverables:

  • Business processes assessment
  • Business processes development
  • Implementation of plans
  • Operational management consulting
  • Optimization assessment
  • Process and system pilots
  • Process architecture
  • Process diagnostics
  • Process documentation
  • Process mapping
  • Process optimization
  • Work organization structure