Analytics Services and Business Intelligence Solutions

Get the most out of your data


Organizations have huge amounts of data and, traditionally, they could only extract very little useful information but things have changed. The rise of analytics, business intelligence, “Big Data” no longer surprises anyone and the interest is widespread and growing strongly. IBM and LGS are at the forefront of services and solutions in this highly promising sector. All functions of the organizations are affected; sales, marketing, finance, operations, after-sale support. In short, as soon as information is available, it is now possible to extract relevant business intelligence for managers and administrators. Moreover, these tools and analytical services are also very useful in the field of forecast planning for fixed assets.

Benefits these services provide:

  • A better understanding of customers: marketing, sales and customer support are fields of preference for analytics because of sophisticated analysis that can be extracted from CRM data, customer support and ERP systems. Several customers are already benefiting from LGS analytical services, which give them competitive edges versus their competitors.
  • Better management of assets: several of LGS’ customers use our analytics services and our business intelligence solutions to manage their assets proactively by obtaining forecasts of their repairs or replacements based on their utilization. These forecasts can reduce the risks and costs that would occur in a context of only reactive management.
  • Customization of analytical tools matching your business needs: given the level of precision required in inputs and outcomes in terms of business intelligence, LGS customizes each solution based on the strategic objectives and business environments for each client.

Frequently requested deliverables :

  • Business intelligence assessment
  • Business intelligence development
  • Custom analytic solution development
  • Extract, transform and load (ETL) development
  • Forecasting tool development
  • Predictive analysis tools development
  • Predictive asset analysis
  • Predictive market analysis