Application Development Services

Get applications that meet your objectives


LGS is one of the largest software development centers in Canada. We are also recognized as Canada’s leader in terms of remote / near-shore development.

Whether we are working on mobile solutions development, electronic delivery services, transactional portals, content management solutions, integrations and customization of enterprise application (CRM, ERP) or changes in central platforms, we answer to all the needs from private and public sectors in terms of application development. These services cover all phases of a development project: from design, customization, testing, launch, maintenance and evolution of the application. In addition, when working on either developments of new fully customized software or renewal of legacy applications for their evolution and optimization, LGS is committed to comply with the usual programming standards and the best practices in the industry charter.

Our application development services can be provided in a technological assistance fashion (in addition to your existing teams), through time and material or on a fixed price basis. Our applied methodologies can be either traditional (Waterfall, Macroscope) or Agile (Scrum) as needed

Benefits these services provide :

  • High quality applications: over the years, LGS has developed a number of applications, many of which were of great technical complexity as well as being of national or provincial in scope. As a customer, you benefit from this cutting-edge expertise to obtain high quality applications.
  • Risk decrease: by delegating your application development to LGS, you substantially reduce the risks associated with poorly designed software that do not work optimally.
  • Service improvement: whether the application is intended for your customers, your employees or to citizens in the case of the public sector, the quality of your services is increased thanks to the professionalism and expertise of our development teams and the quality of the applications they develop.
  • Cost savings: our remote development capabilities (nearshore) allow our customers to benefit from reduced costs on their application development.

Frequently requested deliverables:

  • Application development
  • Cloud solution development
  • Design, analysis and system development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Java development
  • JDE development
  • Microsoft development
  • Mobile application development
  • Oracle development
  • PHP development
  • Remote or near-shore development
  • SAP development
  • Technologies development
  • Transactional portal development