Implementation and Deployment Services

Succeed with your IT project launch


Implementation and deployment of an IT project’s results are certainly the most worrying stages for people involved. Should problems occur at this stage, they would be become apparent very quickly and may give off a negative image of the implementation and even possibly put at risk essential services. With the increasing size and complexity of technologies that can reach thousands, even millions of people, implementation and deployment of a solution, application, or new infrastructure demand organization, experience and skills. This is where LGS excels and helps clients to overcome this critical stage without problems.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Increased success of deployments: by working with LGS’s experts in implementation and deployment, our customers significantly improve their chances of success in the launch of their solutions.
  • Structuring and standardization: through their business activities, some organizations are facing implementations and deployments that are steady and sustained. LGS helps structure and standardize procedures in order to carry out these recurring business activities in the best conditions.
  • Reduced costs and risks: given the scale of some IT projects and their countless ramifications in terms of users, such as employees at several different sites, or citizens across the country, the use of integration and deployment services also enables reduction in the costs and risks of unsuccessful launches.

Frequently requested deliverables :

  • Development frameworks implementation
  • Multi-site deployments
  • Multi-user deployments
  • Pilot management
  • Standards and techniques definition and implementation
  • System implementation
  • Technology deployments