IT Architecture Services

Reduce the risks of your IT projects


LGS’ IT architecture services analyze, diagnose and propose answers and solutions for the various challenges and opportunities throughout your IT projects. These services include all IT aspects that may be affected due to architectural issues from infrastructure, applications, data, processes, features, etc. LGS’ customers use IT architecture services to reduce their risks when facing large-scale projects and to better define and organize, in advance, the different phases of a project or program.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Risk reduction: through careful analysis and a precise architectural plan, the risks that a project does not end as expected are greatly reduced.
  • Increased opportunities: analysis and diagnostics can generate new ideas that were not necessarily considered
  • Increased efficiency: by precisely defining the roadmap of an IT project or a problem to be addressed, the efficiency of the production process is greatly increased.

Frequently requested deliverables :

  • Application architecture
  • Data architecture
  • Functional architecture
  • Integration architecture
  • Organic architecture
  • Process architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • System architecture
  • Technological architecture