IT Consulting Services

Get clear, concrete and achievable answers


With over 35 years of presence and thousands of interventions and projects in the IT sector, LGS offers clients great depth in expertise and experience through its IT consulting services. These services vary in a wide range of activities that can be grouped into three categories: assessment, planning and consulting. Whether it consists of assessing the modernization of infrastructures, IT blueprint or IT management to increase efficiency, LGS customers obtain clear, concrete and achievable answers to their questions and challenges.

Benefits these services provide:

  • Access to experts: thanks to the hundreds of experts at LGS, these services allow you toget quickanswers to complexproblems
  • Increased productivity and profits: a large number of customer inquiries relate to performance increase and cost reductions which LGS’ IT consulting services are used to.
  • Improve return on investment: these services aim to find solutions for the optimization and modernization of existing infrastructure in order to give them a new life and increase their profitability.

Frequently requested deliverables:


  • Asset and configuration assessment
  • Data management model assessment
  • Infrastructure and platform assessment
  • IT process assessment
  • Maturity assessment
  • Modernization assessment
  • Risk assessment


  • Development plans
  • IT master plans
  • IT operational plans
  • IT strategic plans
  • Sustainability plans


  • Business continuity consulting
  • Content management consulting
  • Data management consulting
  • Document management consulting
  • Enterprise application selection consulting
  • ERP / CRM consulting
  • Information security consulting
  • IT operation consulting
  • IT performance analysis consulting
  • Service management consulting
  • Software selection consulting
  • Technology orientation and choices consulting