IT Project Management Services

Transform your IT projects into successes


In an IT project, management of all development and implementation activities is a crucial element to ensure success. This is due to the underlying technical complexity and both the internal and external ramifications that may ensue. LGS’ customers often use our IT project management services to assist them in achieving their objectives and to ensure that all odds are on their side regarding the success of their endeavors.

Benefits these services provide:

  • Increased chances of project success: relying on LGS’ experts for IT project management, customers benefit from their skills and experience to carry out their projects and make sure they succeed, as expected.
  • Speed and flexibility: by using our IT project management services, our customers avoid having to take the time and risk recruiting new long-term resources. LGS’ experts are available very quickly and will only stay during the required period.
  • Take advantage of the best practices: as many management areas, project management is continually developing. Given the nature of LGS’ activities, our project management professionals are always at the cutting edge of knowledge in their field of expertise, so that our customers always benefit from the best project management practices such as Agile or PMP.

Frequently requested deliverables:

  • Project accompaniment
  • Project control office (PCO)
  • Project design, development and implementation
  • Project management office (PMO)
  • Project management support
  • Project manager
  • Technology project management