System Integration Services

Leverage your IT investments


LGS’ reputation as a system integrator is known nationwide. These services are intended to make sure different types of systems communicate and interact with each other, enabling, from an organizational and user point of view, all data, applications, technologies and IT infrastructure to be integrated, consistent, fast and productive. System integration can be seen as the phase that brings the different IT investments to their higher level of efficiency.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Productivity of your investments: by integrating our customers’ different technological environments, we allow them to significantly improve the productivity of their IT assets and their return on investment.
  • Increased life cycle of certain systems: some obsolete systems may have problems to communicate well with more recent ones. The LGS integration services deal with such cases and can allow these systems to coexist which avoid replacing them in the short-term.
  • Total cost reduction: by optimally integrating different technologies, we attain higher levels of productivity and reduction in total costs due to more complete automation of organizational activities.

Frequently requested deliverables :

  • Application integration
  • Enterprise service bus (ESB) selection and implementation
  • Equipment integration
  • IT infrastructure integration
  • Multisystem integration
  • Software integration
  • System integration
  • Technology integration