Maintenance and Transformation Services

Give a new life to your IT installations


With the fast and ever-changing information technology, organizations must regularly deal with the obsolescence of their IT assets in which they have invested substantial time and money. LGS’ maintenance and transformation services are designed precisely to reduce the constant need for investments by exploiting all the possibilities of existing systems and by extending their useful life cycle. These services are characterized by analysis and evaluations, updates and upgrades, kits, software installations, modernizations involving development and support and troubleshooting activities.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Required investment reduction : the essence of such services is to work on the improvement, modernization and evolution of existing systems, to enable maximization of the return on investment and to reduce the needs for additional investment.
  • System life cycle increase : LGS’ maintenance and transformation services enable our customers to improve their IT assets by increasing their:
    • reliability,
    • ease of use,
    • processing capacity,
    • performance,
    • functionality,
    • responses to new needs,
    • accessibility and
    • lifetime.
  • Reduce several inefficiencies : by working on maintenance, modernization and evolution of IT assets, LGS’ customers can reduce several irritants like:
    • high operating costs,
    • delays in the launch and commercialization of their services,
    • technological redundancy,
    • supplier dependencies and
    • increasing legacy skills dependencies.

Frequently requested deliverables :

  • Application replacement
  • Data and ERP support
  • Enterprise applications modernization
  • Hardware support
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Infrastructure management support
  • Interface modernization
  • Legacy modernization
  • Microsoft updates
  • Office suite modernization
  • Operating system updates
  • Operating systems modernization
  • Software and hardware maintenance
  • Software installation kit
  • Software updates
  • System analysis and assessment
  • System configuration
  • System development
  • Technical and troubleshooting support
  • Workstation modernization