Testing Services

Reduce problems of your IT projects


Tests are an integral part of any IT project and as a project’s significance increases, test activities become even more critical. Therefore, design and execution of test procedures that ensure that problems and weaknesses are identified beforehand, require experience and expertise. Organizations do not always have the resources available to perform these tests. This is why they appeal to LGS’ testing services to rapidly obtain the required resources and best skills.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Reduced risks and costs: by investing in comprehensive and professional tests, LGS’ customers reduce risks and costs associated with launching applications, software or solutions that do not conform to their expectations.
  • Achievement of desired performance: test phases can, not only verify the proper operation and thorough integration of IT solutions, but also ensure that the performance required is attained. These performances can be quantitative, but may also involve performance in functionality, ergonomics, ease of use and all other aspects related to user experience.
  • Appropriate testing strategies: LGS’ testing services also include all pre-test aspects, that is to say, the test strategy, test plan and the technical features of these tests. This enables organizations to carry out their tests with their resources while getting advice from our experts on how to perform them.

Frequently requested deliverables :

  • Application testing
  • Automated testing
  • Functional testing
  • Integration testing
  • Performance testing
  • Remote testing
  • Software testing
  • Test plans
  • Test preparation
  • Test procedures
  • Test strategy