Application Development Services

Capitalize on applications tailored to your needs.


These services give you access to architects and experienced developers which utilize best practices, strict norms, and the most proven methods to develop Microsoft applications customized to meet all of your needs. Since its creation, a significant part of LGS’ activities have been allocated to application development which allowed us to build expertise and thorough experiences which our clients benefit from. This allows us to deliver new applications in short delays with a high standard of quality and robustness. LGS is now a master in the planning of these projects, such that we are able to offer fixed price application development, a rare advantage in our industry.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Complete services during the application life cycle : LGS is present from beginning to end of the life cycle of these applications by offering its expertise in needs analysis, project management, design, development, testing, deployment and evolution.
  • Improving your competitiveness : by offering the choice of developing custom applications which meet your exact needs and those of your users, you gain in competitiveness by the differentiation and innovation, and by the use of the latest technologies.
  • Cost reduction : since LGS has set up a remote (near shore) development service structure, our Canadian clients benefit from reduced costs all the while capitalizing on the quality work of our development experts.
  • Improvement of your service offers and your productivity: the applications developed by LGS reach very high levels of automation of processes and transactional aspects. This allows a stronger growth of quality and speed of your services to users/customs all the while improving your general productivity.

Frequently requested deliverables :

  • Agile development
  • Application development
  • Cloud solution development
  • Design of technology and infrastructure solutions
  • Design, analysis and system development
  • Microsoft development
  • Remote development
  • Transactional portal development