Architecture Services

Optimize the architecture of your Microsoft technologies


The architecture services of LGS’ Microsoft Expertise Centre were created to help clients define, align and codify their vision, strategy and implementation of their IT along with their internal processes and business goals. Microsoft technologies were created for the business realities of enterprises and public organisms; and our services aim to maximize the benefits these technologies bring to their users. LGS’ architecture services use, as a foundation, our consultants’ expertise in management, Microsoft technologies as well as the specificities of each of our clients’ industry sectors.

Benefits these services provide:

  • Cost Reduction: by identifying the problem areas to solve and the opportunities available, these services reduce general costs by reaching a higher organizational efficiency such as, for example, the development level of applications and their usage.
  • Improve productivity: these benefits can be achieved by facilitating the introduction activities for new technologies, by refining both the external and internal inter-system communication, and/or through a better alignment of IT systems with the organization’s needs and priorities.
  • Increase returns on investments:  by working on the efficiency of Microsoft technologies used by our clients, we succeed in increasing their return on investments by ensuring that their IT architecture is optimized and the ensuing gains flow from their Microsoft infrastructure.

Frequently requested deliverables:

  • Application Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Functional Architecture
  • Integration Architecture
  • Organic Architecture
  • Process Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • System Architecture
  • Technology Architecture