Maintenance and Transformation Services

Maximize what you can get from your Microsoft technologies


LGS’ maintenance and transformation services are generating quite the buzz in the industry since they allow a substantial modernization of the clients’ infrastructures while minimizing massive investments by insuring that their installations are on par with the current modern technologies. Faced with the rapidly innovating reality of equipment and software, companies and governments see their legacy systems fall out of line with the rest of the market at a much faster rate than before and in turn, must accelerate their rate of investments in IT to remain up to date. LGS’ maintenance and transformation services provide cost minimization while ensuring their Microsoft technologies and computing installations remain operational and high performing in a context of ever decreasing IT life cycles.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Minimization of required investments
  • Better proactive management of planned future investments
  • Maintaining of the organizational and computing efficiency
  • Reduction and optimization of the costs of environments and infrastructures
  • Maintaining of the continuity of operations thanks to the optimization of your network and infrastructures
  • Reduction in systems outages with a proactive plan for the replacement of aging parts
  • Maintaining of a high level of security
  • Automation of certain maintenance tasks
  • Reduction of negative impacts for users and service levels
  • Updated documentation of your information systems
  • Significant reduction of last minute critical situations
  • Help in respecting reliability, conformity and regulation norms and requirements

Frequently requested deliverables

  • Application replacement
  • Data and ERP support
  • Enterprise applications modernization
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Infrastructure or platform management support
  • IT hardware support
  • Legacy modernization
  • Microsoft updates
  • Office suite modernization
  • Operating systems update
  • Operation systems modernization
  • Software and hardware maintenance
  • Software suite updates
  • Software updates
  • System adaptation
  • System evolution
  • Troubleshooting and technical support
  • Workstation modernization