Support Services

Delegate your Microsoft support to experts


Whether it’s the support for technologies, infrastructures, Microsoft platform applications or users, LGS’ support services are offered to reduce costs and improve the quality of support activities for its clients. By delegating the support management, LGS clients insure they only pay for that they need all the while maintaining a high standard of quality. This is why these services are so popular.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Decrease in costs by calling on proven specialists whose know-how allow clients to reach a higher level of efficiency
  • Customization of these services based on your needs and demand
  • Proactive services for the management, maintenance, and evolution of your computing systems
  • Real-time monitoring of your systems and very quick reaction time for corrective deployment
  • Increase in availability of your systems and Microsoft technologies
  • Maintaining and improvement of your performances
  • Decrease in risk with regards to security breaks
  • Availability of remote support

Frequently requested deliverables :

  • Deployment support
  • Help desk
  • Implementation support
  • Infrastructure support
  • IT support
  • Stabilization support
  • Technical and application support
  • Troubleshooting support
  • User support