System Integration Services

Improve your productivity by integrating your different systems


These services allow the integration of Microsoft solutions between themselves and also with the platforms and solutions of other providers. The goal of these integration services is to make easier and clearer the whole of communications, data transfers, synchronizations, etc. within the information systems amidst the organization. These services therefore allow our clients to benefit from an improvement in internal productivity thanks to the unification of data flows and management information which various systems utilize.

Benefits these services provide :

  • Improvement in productivity: when the business processes are integrated and automated, the organization gains in speed, agility, information sharing, and consistency of data.
  • Collaboration growth: as much in between employees as with the stake holders of the enterprise (clients, providers, partners), the integration of systems leads to a sharing of data and a common vision of situation which improves work capacities and collaboration between users.
  • More refined decision making process: the integration brings a clearer vision of cogs and gears within the organization thanks to the combination of information systems and ultimately better management information. This grows the ability to measure performance of both the whole and the individuals and allows a better decision making process.

Frequently requested deliverables : 

  • Analysis and strategy reports
  • Application integration
  • Architecture documents
  • CRM and ERP system integration
  • Multisystem integration
  • Software integration
  • Technology integration