Types of Service Provisions

LGS offers different modes of service provisions to its clients from which they can choose based on their needs

Flat-rate Mandates

  • Flat-rate mandates are based on a fixed price established at the very beginning of the mandate. These apply to all types of projects. Our clients generally choose flat-rate to reduce costs, limit investments and implement precise changes.

Time & Material Mandates

  • If a fixed cost (flat-rate) is not desirable and/or the conditions of the mandate do not allow it, a more variable type such as Time & Material will interest you.

Hybrid Mandates

  • This is an amalgam of the previous two types; a portion of the project is fixed cost while another is variable. A hybrid mandate can also be a Time & Material mandate with amount not to be exceeded or a Flat-rate mandate with a sharing of risks.

Staff Augmentation Mandates 

  • This type of provision allows you to “rent” one or many consultants for a specific duration of time ranging from a few days to several months. These consultants work in your teams and offices. This provision method is very quick and flexible. You can opt for the acquisition of a specific resource for a very specific need or choose a framework agreement to encompass multiple profiles with specific selection qualifiers and risk sharing.