Not a month goes by without hearing of a security failure regarding an enterprise or public institution. This can not only have costly financial repercussions but can also hurt the reputation of the company with the loss of sensitive information. The actors within the private and public sectors understand the importance of managing security and conformity amidst their organization, processes, and information infrastructures in order to:

  • Protect their data, those of their clients and citizens,
  • Maintain business continuity and public services,
  • Preserve their notoriety and partners’ trust.

The sectors most at risk are retail, finance, manufacturing, transportation and public services, notably health and defense. Their respective activities make them large users of confidential data and of commercial or financial data, the most often sought after data. In the problems of cybersecurity, there is always a duality between users attempting to access domains for which they are not authorized and the technological environment which succeeds or fails to counter this attempt. In cases of security breaches, several studies demonstrated that in 90% of cases, human errors were the main contributing factors that allowed such a breach to occur.

Significant benefits

Often perceived as necessary costs bringing no tangible benefits, expenses in information security should be considered, quite the contrary, as investments and opportunities offer significant benefits, for example:

  • Ensure the continuity and integrity of business processes and services offered to enterprises, clients and citizens.
  • Protect confidential, health, financial and other sensitive data such as intellectual property and supply chain data.
  • Meet and maintain levels of legal, regulatory and contractual conformities.
  • Ensure the maintaining of levels of protection and availability during organizational, functional and technology changes.
  • Protect the brand name and the reputation of the organization.
  • Minimize impact on business operations.
  • Reduce costs and mitigate losses caused by service interruption and security incidents.
  • Identify quickly security and conformity breaches and limit the direct and indirect damage.
  • Reduce the probabilities of having to reach crisis management situations.

How LGS can help you

Given the complexity of the technological infrastructure and the ramifications of a very large organization, the latter calls to external partners whose competencies and expertise in the industry are able to anticipate and solve complex security issues. LGS is part of the rare breed of providers of cybersecurity services and we are well placed to satisfy requirements and needs of diverse clients in terms of security needed be it at the organization, processes or technology levels. IBM on the other hand remain the global leader, unchallenged in the domain, serving more than 10,000 clients in 130 countries, watching over 15 billion security events a day and holding over 3,000 patents in cybersecurity. The different services associated with the improvement of technical and technological security levels are varied and can distinguish themselves in several large categories:

  • Business consulting services which work to build a culture, risk and incident management elements, security and conformity policies, governance frameworks, data protection programs, user awareness and operational processes oriented towards security.
  • Evaluation services and simulation tests to estimate the strength of an environment when face with intrusion attempts.
  • Architecture services which refine each aspect of the material and software organization for a greater resilience towards cyber-attacks.
  • Technology services which evaluate and propose solutions, notable analytics, destined to improve security levels and increase ease and speed of reaction when faced with an attack.
  • Contracting-out and delegated management of cyber-security activities for organizations who prefer entrusting that field of expertise to an industry leader.

Whatever the client needs may be, our IT security services are designed to help private enterprises and public organization to conceive, plan, and realize security programs and solutions as well as process and business continuity in order to protect their commercial, financial and informational assets.