Enterprise Applications

Also known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or enterprise software suite, these applications are staple tools for any organization wishing to improve its activities’ efficiency. LGS’ experience spans over 3 decades and several hundred projects realized in the domain of ERP’s for the most commonly used platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics AX / CRM / XRM, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP. Given the large variety of private enterprises and both public and para-public organizations, each project is very different and highly customized. This could not have been achieved without LGS thorough experience in delivering complex projects year after year to the satisfaction of its clients.

Client objectives regarding enterprise application projects

Ultimately, client objectives always target improvements in productivity and / or cost reduction, but these can be attained through different paths, for example:

  • Align, simplify, customize and optimize enterprise application alongside strategies and objectives.
  • Identify internal systems which can be replaced by ERP’s functionalities.
  • Develop and introduce new customized functionalities for a very specific improvement.
  • Optimize the required infrastructure with, for example, cloud computing or virtual solutions.
  • Identify ERP modules and function which could be used and customized instead of buying an entire new solution.
  • Introduce mobile functionalities for the ERP’s users.
  • Develop analytics and business intelligence functionalities using the available data within the enterprise application.
  • Optimize certain aspects of the enterprise software suite to favor collaboration between clients and providers.
  • Replace nonstandard components of the platforms with standardizes functions.
  • Rationalize enterprise applications by introducing new processes or innovative solutions by replacing costly or heteroclite.
  • Reduce process costs and utilized resources by studying each element of the ERP’s environment.
  • Implement newer version while minimizing costs.

Enterprise applications are central to making every organization activity run smoothly. Each implementation/optimization project can therefore be instrumental in making it work better.

Examples of benefits from enterprise application projects:

  • Increase enterprise application platform ROI.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Improve productivity of internal and external processes as well as the information generated by the platform.
  • Accelerate access to pertinent information for the decision making process.
  • Harmonize and standardize the modules, applications and business processes.
  • Manage change such as fusion, acquisitions or investments withdraws.
  • Add new functions.
  • Improve integration between enterprise applications and other information systems.
  • Modify functions to favor collaboration between clients and providers.

Services most often solicited during enterprise application projects:

  • Business Consulting
  • Change Management
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Architecture
  • IT Project Management
  • Application Management
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence Services
  • IT Infrastructures
  • Enterprise Application Services
  • Systems Integration Services
  • Implementation and Deployment Services
  • Migration and Optimization Services
  • System Maintenance and Transformation Services